conflux 2.0

Year: 2013

Status: Upenn 501

Instructor: Lasha Brown

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Team: Adrian Subagyo

This project is taken to explore intrepertation between two different binaries stasis and panic and to invent a system that integrate those status and the condition in between. Sinuous lines create modules that are used as agents that behave differently as it adapt to accomodate assigned programs. The modules will behave as an extension of the atrium of 30th Street Station. Some will provide private spaces, gathering spaces, and even urban furniture.

Series of similar agents create a field condition that has a coordinated relational behavior each one. The field is reacting to the site, the interior of 30th Street Station. The agents flock and avoid the existing structure and intensified at a specific moment opens up to accomodate a gathering space, elevated from the ground, providing an opportunity for people to experience 30th Street Station on a different perspective. 

The end product is a crystalized moment of the invasion of swarm of agents through 30th Street Station where through it provides a vast extension of programs for the users of 30th Street Station.