How To: Travel with Weekend Travel Map

I love Google maps.

I have been using custom maps I made for Google Maps to navigate around places when I travel since couple years back. Today, almost all of us always have our smartphone within our reach all the time. In the other hand, traveling especially weekend travel, demand us to pack light and navigate quickly. So I come up with centralizing relevant information such as places, opening hours, ticket prices, entry fees into my digital travel map. I found that having such comes very handy to schedule and plan my travel accordingly. 

I gather information from the interwebs (Archdaily, Mimoa, Dezeen, Archi-travel, Trip Advisor, and even food journals sometimes). The reason why using custom Google maps very helpful for me is because it allows me to load the information up to native Google map app on my phone.


Step 1

Pick your desired map from Map Log


Step 2

Tap the full screen button on the right hand corner to bring up Google Map app.


Pins are color coded based on type of places


Architecture: Places based on architecture attractiveness.

Sight: Historically relevance, or contextual places. Sometimes lean towards more touristy places or museums with interesting content.

Food: Good food, I found that having this piece of information is very enjoyable to go to a nice food place to end my travel day or to get to know the local culture through their cuisine.

Park: Self explanatory

*Walk: Currently only available to a few maps. Basically walk routes to make sure I won't miss anything around that area.


Step 3

Tap pins to reveal related information for specific places.


And you are all set for this weekend.

Pack up and lets go!


Just a month ago, Google Map version 4.10 allows users to access my maps or custom maps. Having been able to load up the map directly to Google map native apps opens up the possibility to utilize simultaneously with their traffic and transportation information.

Since this update, it allows all my travel-related information to be centralized without the necessity to navigate between apps.

I hope this Map Log can also be helpful to you fellow archi-travelers.