Conflux 3.0

Year: 2013

Status: Upenn 501

Instructor: Lasha Brown

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Team: Adrian Subagyo

The project is taken to explore further experimentation on interstitial spaces between object and object. Object defined space and space between object become undefined space.  Taking that further by adding the third component of soft structure to define the interstitial space, both spaces now define as hard space and soft space.

Case study is performed in the modern building, PECO Tower. By exploiting the open plan, objects are inserted and infested into its existing system. Floor slabs morphed and erode since the need of integrating new program. Linear line system from the facade bifurcate and become another structure to contain the new program.


Operation Diagram_ups.png
Injection of program onto existing Miesian structure of PECO Tower

Hard Space & Soft Space

Tensile behavior study

Two systems are introduced in order to perform these operation. First, the system that generate the hard defined space, and second system that generates soft space. 

The end product is a series of adolescent interstitial space defined by the tensile structure and the pods where its system permeates back into the existing building system.